TS terminal shoot protection sleeves

For the last 6 years, at the country’s hunting school in Wunsiedel, Bavaria, they created in conjunction with the company TS-Holz experimental plots to test and document the efficiency of individual protection against deer browsing on young trees. This study shows that the TS protectors are not only efficient on young conifers, but also protects maple and ash. There is no other comparable individual protection currently available on the market. A long-term browsing protection of 90-95% could be detected on the numerous experimental plots.

For this reason, this product can only be recommended without hesitation!


Game sledge (Ackja) handling aid

Special sliding pan to retrieve big game like boar during hunting.

Since 2012 at the hunting school in Wunsiedel, Bavaria, they tested this special sliding pan to retrieve big game like boar during hunting. This area is known for its deep snow coverage and that special sliding pan was a big help for our hunting team to recover game. The forest of this area is dense and because of the absence of trails, it is often difficult to walk. With the help of this special sliding pan, one person can load the game and pull it without getting caught in the terrain or trees or rejuvenation. Also, it does not leave any traces like when the game is pulled on the ground. This is important in that area since it is frequented by many tourists. This special sliding pan is very robust, well finished and very light and represents a big help for recovering big game in difficult terrain. It can only be recommended.       

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