Game Sledge (Ackja) handling aid

The game (deer or wild boar) is placed into the Game Sledge and attached to it with a polyester rope. The sledge with the game can then be pulled uphill using a small winch or manually be pulled downhill. The Game Sledge is easy to transport on someone's back like a backpack.

The Game Sledge can also be used to transport forest plants to the planting area, to transport fertilizer to plantations, or grapes or apples in steep terrains. This should always be carried out in conjunction with a small winch. Several Game Sledges can also be attached in file, one behind the other, to increase the transport capacity.

Each Game Sledges is delivered complete with carrying device and polyester rope for tying goods to the sledge as well as a device to couple another sledge to the one in front.

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