TS-PROTECTORS against deer browsing

The TS Protectors are available in 3 colors. Offering a year round protection against browsing, they are re-usable for many years and are therefore very economical.

They are UV protected and have a life span of about 10 – 15 years, depending on sunlight exposition. Thereafter, the UV protection is no longer effective and the protectors start to break up.
The brightcolored protectors have the advantage of being easily recognizable during brush cutting and repositioning. The blue TS Protectors are also effective against chafing since deer can see the blue color which therefore acts as a repellant.

With more than 3.4 million TS Protectors sold in 2016 and a sales increase of 20% in each of the last years, those numbers speak for themselves.

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TS PROTECTOR against breakage of the new shoot by birds

The TS Protector offers permanent protection against breakage of the main shoot by preventing large birds from landing on them. They are particularly suited for Christmas tree plantations since they prevent the duplication of the crown, which otherwise occurs if the new shoot is broken. The TS Protectors are also used in deer hunting areas. They should be affixed to the various young trees during the dormant season.

Seedlings of natural regeneration can also be protected. The protectors stay on the young trees all year round and are repositioned on the new shoot every fall.

With their 3 prolonged sticks, they offer optimal protection throughout the summer to prevent the new shoot from being bitten off above the protector. An additional protection against browsing comes from the signal blue color of the TS Protectors. The protectors can also be mounted on the shoot with their sticks pointing downward; this prevents deer from biting off the shoot below the protector.

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